Years ago (2010 actually) there was an 11 year old girl named Jessi Slaughter (her scene name). Anyways, she got famous because she accused Dahvie (from blood on the dance floor) of rape and she posted a nude photo of her and because she made youtube videos where she swore often. So the gratuitous people on 4chan got a hold of all her information (where she lived, ect) and posted it and people sent things such as pizza and strippers and called her house. She angrily made a video telling her haters that she’d “pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushy”.


So she got even more hate and her parents got mad too and her father, Gene, made an appearance in her video and spewed out tons of phrases which have since then become memes such as “you done goofed” and “the consequences will never be the same”.


later, in early 2011 when she was 12, she posed naked for her boyfriend and he took pictures of her naked. The pictures are on tumblr on the “jessi slaughter” tag. They were leaked around her school. THEN her father got arrested for slapping her and she was placed in foster care. Shortly thereafter, her father died of a heart attack in August of last year. 

You would’ve thought she’d gotten off the internet forever but she has a tumblr.

She is apparently now transgender (genderqueer) and goes by Damien Ciel Leonhardt. 

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